Legal Name of the Treatment Center, Address, and License number.

Asked of you loved one will be living in a home separate from treatment. Yes or No?

If yes, Ask for the Legal Name of Home, Address, and License number.

You may not be able to get all of the above information but any of the above information will help you search utilizing these online tools.


To file a complaint or report a treatment center or sober living or any type of housing in the State of Arizona, use one of the following links. If you do not know they type of facility, click on “All others” below:

If the facility is a BHRF or a behavioral health residential Facility, file a report here:


if the facility is a sober living home, file a report here:


All Others. If you do not know what type of facility it is, file a report here:



Report to FBI – The FBI is seeking victims who may have been recruited to live in and receive services in group homes (Behavioral Health Residential Facilities) located in Phoenix, Arizona, between January 2020 to present.


If you would like assistance, please include the following information:

Patient Information

Treatment Center Information

Your Information

We will not disclose your name to enforcement agencies; however, we will need your name, email address and phone number so that we can contact you. Your information will remain confidential.